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These increases will be compounded by rises in fuel taxes which come into effect in April. There will be an additional increase of 15c for the fuel levy and 5c for the RAF levy (which doesn’t apply to illuminating paraffin).


The following price hikes are expected:


Petrol – R1.28 increase per litre

Diesel – R0.77 increase per litre.


Diesel and illuminating paraffin have come off comparatively lightly, with increases of R0. 57 (excluding the additional levies) and R0.56 a litre respectively. But the petrol price has been battered by both product price increases and the weakening Rand, yielding an increase of R1.08 a litre, excluding the additional levies.

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Surprising Facts About Muscle Cars – 1966 Shelby GT350


The legendary 1965 Mustang Shelby GT350 were serious high- performance machines. In fact, some buyers that very first year felt these cars were a little too hardcore and at the same time Shelby was on a rampage to cut costs. So, for 1966, Shelby replaced, deleted or made optional some of the car’s signature high performance features like the adjustable Koni shocks, the fiberglass hood, free-flowing (and loud) side exhaust outlets and that fully locking Detroit Locker rear differential.


Little Known Fact: But if you checked the fine print there was a Paxton supercharger option available for 1966. The $700 option was claimed to boost the 289 cid V8’s 306 hp output by 46 percent. That’s probably a bit generous, but it was still an excellent power adder. But the supercharger cost nearly a quarter of the car’s original pricetag and just 12 customers were willing to pay.